Landscape timber shed/temporary outhouse

I have begun building my landscape timbers 8’x8′ landscape timbers shed/temporary outhouse.It is much easier to build than I thought it would be. Truly think the cement block tier foundation was harder to erect because of all the leveling I had to do and that wasn’t easy as the ground is soooooooooo rocky.Would of had many more timbers laid and secured in this butt and pass method if a darn rain/thunderstorm hadn’t of hit. LOL ! Looks like I just might be able to get some more laid and secured today as the weather is so far starting to improve,but still looks like it could rain any second.

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3 Comments on “Landscape timber shed/temporary outhouse”

  1. Sherri Says:

    Hi Kat, We built a 16 x 24 cabin in central Montana a couple of years ago and it was a great experience. It is still not complete, but we stay there every chance we get and will move there in about a year, as soon as we finish paying off some debt and can leave the workforce. Where are you located?

    • LITTLEBIRD Says:

      We live in the Garnet Sapphire mountain range near Garnett Ghost town.Lived here now going on 8 years ! Love this life living off grid and being able to build a life here !

    • LITTLEBIRD Says:

      It has taken us all of 7 years to get almost complete on the home we have been building and are living off grid in now. Just finishing touches need to be done now. The log cabin I will soon be building will be for my two grand daughters when the time comes for me to leave this beautiful world around me. I am not young,but then I am NOT old by any means—————lol ! But have to get this built just for them!

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